Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Happy Mistake

Hey, 2 blog posts in as many days! I'm impressed with me. ;-)

Anyway, last week I ordered a bunch of supplies from Fire Mountain Gems, and the order arrived over the weekend. Among the items I ordered were some small, silver, cotton-filled gift boxes.

Imagine my surprise when instead of a bunch of these:

I saw these:

Originally I was going to return them both, since they obviously weren't what I ordered, but the more I looked at them, the more I started thinking about what I could make with them!

Now, both bags o' beads together amounted to more than 130 feet of beads. In other words, WAY more than I need of something I had no intention of buying in the first place. I'm still returning one bag (they're sending me a return shipping label along with the boxes that I didn't receive), but they let me purchase the other bag at the same discount level as my original order. Despite the mistake on my order, I have to give the folks at Fire Mountain Gems a lot of credit for having awesome customer service! Every time I've spoken with them, they've always been incredibly friendly and accommodating.

And really, how can I complain when I got an awesome deal on a product I otherwise wouldn't have found?

Now I'm off to dream up some designs for these beauties:


  1. Those are really beautiful and I also love that box:) Good for you, darling! happy Thursday

  2. thats a happy mistake. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. I have to avoid bead and fabric stores for that same reason, I think of too many things to make and I can't afford to buy everything!

    What a fortunate mistake, I hope you concoct something fabulous!


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