Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Business is Booming

Hence, my lack of updates to this blog. I definitely overestimated my ability to maintain 3 jobs and still keep up with blogging, which I am terrible at even when I have free time!

On the bright side, however, I've been selling a ton of jewelry! No sales on Etsy yet, but I've done a craft show and a jewelry show, both of which went fairly well. In addition, I've been getting a lot of custom orders, especially with Christmas just around the corner! Also, I bought a Gift Guide showcase spot on Etsy for Cyber Monday. I think my biggest problem on Etsy is a lack of exposure. It's easy to get lost among all the other jewelry designers up there. I've made in-person sales to people I already know based on my Etsy postings, but I've yet to have a complete stranger order directly through Etsy. Hopefully by next week that will change!

I haven't quite broken even yet, but I'm getting there. I expect to turn a profit by the end of the year.

I'm getting antsy to start working more with sterling silver and gold-filled chains and findings. I'm hesitant to do so yet, since those supplies cost significantly more, and I stand to lose more money if the jewelry I make with them doesn't sell. But I will use the better metals for custom orders that I know I will sell. In the meantime, I'm sticking with steel, copper, brass, and gold/silver-plated findings for my pre-made stuff.

Got a shipment of beads and findings from Fire Mountain Gems yesterday. Can't wait to play with them during my long Thanksgiving break!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Open for Business

Oh my, I am TERRIBLE at blogging. I definitely just went 2 1/2 weeks without posting.

But I have been busy!

On October 25 I had my little grand opening party. It really got spread out over the whole weekend though, since I saw friends on the 23rd and 24th who weren't able to make it to the actual party, and therefore got a bit of a sneak peek at my stuff.

I made a decent amount of sales. Not enough to break even, but enough to give me funds to buy some more supplies, including some display stuff for doing craft shows. Speaking of which, I am officially signed up do to a craft show at Warren Hills High School on November 14. I have until a week from tomorrow to really build up my inventory and get my act together. Especially since I already have a jewelry party scheduled for November 17, only 3 days after the craft show!

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about my designs, but so far it's all been from friends and family. The craft show will be the true test, since I'll be dealing with complete strangers who will likely not care about my feelings. If I make a good amount of sales there, it should be safe to say that I can turn this into a viable little side business.

Last, but certainly not least, I finally managed to get some of my pieces up on Etsy. Some items from my shop are listed to the right, or to see everything, visit my Etsy shop directly. No sales through Etsy yet, but hopefully soon. At the very least, it gives me an easy way to display my work online, and with any luck I'll start getting some online sales soon!
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