Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Tour of Amelia's Nursery

Finally, I'm taking time to post the long-awaited tour of Amelia's nursery!  

But first, here's a semi-recent picture of Amelia:

Ok, it's actually from three weeks ago, and since she's only eight weeks old, I guess it's not really that recent.  But I think it's pretty darn cute!

But on to the tour:

Here's a birth sampler my mom made and had framed for the nursery.  It's currently hanging on the door:

Here the "before" shot of the corner of the room that functioned as my office space:

And here are a couple of shots of it now:

My mom made the pillows and crib skirt, since I couldn't find any sets I liked.  The wall decal is from the Etsy shop Quirkee Walls.  All those thin, wispy sections of the branch made it pretty difficult to get up, but I think it was totally worth it!

Here's a close-up:


And Amelia's bookcase:

She's already got quite the library!  Yes, that is a current picture, and yes, Go the F**k to Sleep is still prominently displayed.  I promise I will put it somewhere else before she learns to read. ;-)

Here's a before shot of the other side of the room, which functioned more or less as a guess room, what with the futon and all:

And here it is, looking slightly to the right:

You can see the curtains my mom made, which match the crib skirt and pillows.  The glider is from my mother-in-law, and that little black table from the "before" picture found a home next to it.  That's where I keep water, snacks, and burp clothes for all those late-night nursing sessions.

The changing table is now fully stocked with cloth diapers, covers, and wet bags.  

The lamp in the "before" picture also found a home in Amelia's nursery, I put it on the dresser:

And no, the picture in the frame is not Amelia, it's the one that came with the frame... although since I took this picture, I DID put a picture of her in it!

Amelia seems to love all the birds in her nursery.  She'll lie on the changing table, babbling and smiling at the curtains, and she does the same with the decal when she's in her crib.  It's absurdly cute.  We tend to leave her on her changing table for awhile after diaper changes are done, just because it's so entertaining!
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