Thursday, August 30, 2012

Office Relocation

 With the impending new addition to our family, I am faced with a bit of a dilemma.

You see, we live in a 3-bedroom house.  Currently, my husband and I each use one of the spare rooms as an office.  But when baby arrives, my office will become the nursery.  The fact of the matter is that I only use a tiny corner of my office as actual office space:

We have a large storage closet in the hallway where I can store my jewelry-making supplies when I'm not using them, and the filing cabinet could easily fit in there as well.  The printer, which I rarely use anyway, would be relocated to my husband's office. 

All I really need room for is a new desk, since my current desk is far to wide (and let's face it, ugly) to work in any of the living areas.  Preferably one that will close up and hide any mess I manage to make, since it would be in a living area and thus in full view of any guests.  I figured something along the lines of a secretary desk would be ideal. 

During my weekly farmers' market trip, I wandered into an antique store down the block from where the market is held, where I stumbled upon this beauty:

And look, it closes up completely!

And at $300, it's comparable to what I'd pay for a new desk, but made of much nicer materials.  I took measurements, and it would fit quite nicely in the spot where the recliner is now in our living room:

Unfortunately, I may have waited to long to move on it.  I called the store today, and it turns out someone emailed them yesterday to inquire about the desk and said she would call today to put a deposit on it.  I would have felt awful buying the desk out from under her, especially when I had the opportunity to buy it on the spot last weekend and didn't take it.  So I've decided to leave it up to fate.  I'm calling the store tomorrow and if no deposit has been made on the desk yet, I think my plan is to go ahead and buy it. 

If the desk from the antique store is no longer available tomorrow, I'll need a new plan of action.  I managed to find a new secretary desk at Target that looks quite nice:

AND it's on sale: marked down to $260 from $400.  This one would also work in the living room, but it's a bit narrower than the antique desk and would also fit in the space to the right of my piano in the den, depending on what the finish on this desk looks like in real life.  I've already got a couple of different wood tones going on in there, so unless it ends up being very close in color to either my piano or the wall, the den may be a no-go:

So, what are your thoughts?  Do you like the antique desk or the Target desk better?  If the antique desk falls through, should I hold out for another antique, or jump on the great deal from Target?  5 months til little Stormageddon's arrival seems like a long time now, but I'm afraid of waiting too long to figure out my office situation, and I'm worried I won't find another antique in time - Is it worth the risk?? ;-)

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  1. You're too nice! I would have bought it. I think you should wait and check out more antique stores, you still have time, and you'll find something nicer than what you'd get at Target. Nothing against Target,because I love that place more than I should, but that first desk is too gorgeous and you'll never find something like it at Target.


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