Friday, August 3, 2012


Another busy week - extra hours at the library, relatives visiting from Florida all week, and a family reunion plus a bachelorette party this weekend isn't leaving me with much free time!

But I just had to pop in and share this picture I just took:

Every summer, there's a hot air balloon festival as part of the county farmers' fair.  Since the farmers' fair is so close to us, this means that every summer there's an evening when there are a TON of hot air balloons visible from my back yard. :-)


  1. Oh my goodness what an awesome photo. I bet it is really something to see all those balloons in the sky like that!

  2. Awesome! I would love to see hot air balloons from my yard! :) A couple of years ago we would notice the occasional balloon here or there in the sky, but I haven't seen one in quite a while.


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