Monday, January 24, 2011

My Super-Busy Weekend

I'm starting this week out exhausted already!

I spend all day Saturday wandering around NYC. I got together with two of my roommates from college with the intention of taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, but once we realized how brutally cold it was, we decided to wait until warmer weather.

We did spend a little time near the South Street Seaport, checking out the shops and looking at the Brooklyn Bridge.

We decided to add "walk across the Brooklyn Bridge" to our list of things to do - once it gets warmer.

And of course we took the obligatory self-portrait.

Faye, Jency and me, huddled together for warmth!
City Hall Park looked so picturesque as we walked to the subway station to go to SoHo for a little more window shopping.

Around this point, I just sort of stopped taking pictures. But once the former roomies and I parted ways, I met up with my husband and some other friends for pizza, followed by a taping of Wyatt Cenac's stand-up special for Comedy Central. We had amazing seats, in the 3rd row... So if you happen to catch the special on TV this spring or summer, keep an eye of for me! ;-)

On Sunday afternoon Glen and I went over to our friends' house. He was helping to bottle a batch of beer, and I was working on another custom order for a bridal party.

How sweet are those little daisy beads?

We spent the evening hanging out at the in-laws' house, watching football and eating junk food.

This week is looking equally busy: Band rehearsal, extra library shifts, a furniture delivery (I'll be sure to share before and after photos of the living room!) on top of my usual work schedule. Oh, and hopefully a few new Etsy listings to share if I can find the time!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely and very busy weekend:) Love those snowy photos...:) The necklaces are so very sweet. Hope you will find a bit of time to relax this week
    Hugs and kisses,darling


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