Monday, September 24, 2012

Maternity Monday: It's a...


I was stunned when the ultrasound tech told us, I was definitely expecting a boy considering how many boys there are in Glen's family!  The anatomy scan went really well, Stormageddon (we're going to stick with that name for now even though we're pretty much settled on a "real" name) looks healthy!  Here she is, sucking her thumb:

Now that we know we're having a girl, we've decided to go with this fabric for curtains, crib skirt, and possibly some other stuff:

And now: Belly pictures!

This is quite possibly my favorite belly picture so far:

18 weeks!
I think the combination me wearing one of my favorite dresses and holding a pepper that we grew ourselves had something to do with it.

We need to schedule these better.  It's always after my 12-hour work day, when I'm tired and disheveled!
And here are some pictures from 20 weeks - getting bigger!

I went to the grocery store to buy a single banana, just for this picture.
 I finally have a real belly to hold onto!!

Sad story about those tights:  That was the only day I got to wear them before getting an irreparable snag. :-(
The past couple of weeks have been very cool, pregnancy-wise.  I've been feeling Stormageddon kick on a regular basis, and Glen got to feel her kick for the first time last week.  It seemed like every time she started kicking and I'd call him over to feel, she'd stop, so I pulled up this song on my phone and she started dancing around again!

We've also started putting together some nursery furniture.  The changing table and dresser are done, but right now they're being used to store maternity clothes:

My office is a bit crowded since I haven't moved my desk, filing cabinet, bookcase, or futon just yet... but it's not quite as crowded as I feared it would be.  Once I relocate my office and get rid of the futon (umm, anybody want a futon??), there will be plenty of room for a crib and rocking chair. :-)


  1. What a sweet sweet picture of your little babe!! I was so convinced I was having a boy too and what do you know, it must be girl season! Congratulations on a good anatomy scan!! I am sweating till mine (next week!)

  2. Here's why I was sure it was a girl: You were always sick early in the pregnancy (fun fact, that's how we knew you were pregnant before you told us ;-) ), which, I have a theory that the extra chromosone you get when pregnant with a girl makes the morning sickness even worse. So far, I'm two for two!

    Also, the Tickles were due for a girl. Which is good, because Brian really wants all boys ;-)

  3. three cheers for a baby girl! Girls are the best and I love that you are gonna use the birdie fabric (I was rooting for that one).

  4. Oh how sweet a baby girl!!! Your pictures are getting cuter every week!

  5. Yay a girl! I know you'll raise one more kick ass girl in the world. :)

    I love the pepper photo too. It's perfect.

  6. How exciting:) Yay to a little baby girl. Btw: you look so beautiful:) Have a great week, sweetie.

  7. how exciting! i love the fruit comparison pics. and i remember when i first got an actual belly...i love that feeling! you look amazing!

  8. What a cutie!!! We once had an ultrasound where we could see Audrey drinking the amniotic fluid... it was so weird but cute. I love that you're taking photos with the fruit/veggies that represent her size! That is awesome.


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