Monday, September 3, 2012

Elvis, an Avocado, and My Belly

Remember that desk I wanted to buy?  Yeah, missed the boat on it. :-(

Oh well, I'll just have to continue to keep my eyes peeled, and I always have the Target desk as a backup!  I'm leaning toward something that is more of an espresso or dark walnut finish, to better match the furniture in the living room, so I guess it's okay that I missed out on the first desk, since it was more of a dark cherry.

And on the bright side, I do have some belly pictures to share!  I'm actually 18 weeks today, but these pictures were from 16 1/2 weeks, when baby was the size of an avocado, so we decided to include the avocado as a point of reference.  As for Elvis, I'm not sure whether he really wanted to be part of this photo shoot or whether he just wanted to eat the avocado...

I still just sort of look like I need to lay off the ice cream for awhile. :-P

Elvis is such a polite little gentleman. :-)

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken mere seconds after Elvis licked the avocado.

Avocados are so cute.  This week baby is the size of a sweet potato.  Not nearly as cute. ;-)

I still fit into all my regular clothes, which is kind of a source of mixed feelings at this point.  On one hand, it's great that I haven't had to spend any money on maternity clothes (and thanks to some wonderful friends who will be lending me some maternity clothes, hopefully I won't have to spend very much at all!), which is great for our bank account.  But apart from faint little flutters here and there, I haven't really felt the baby move, so that combined with a very sloooowly growing belly doesn't do much for my natural state of being a chronic worrier. ;-)

I've been trying my best to remember that my own mother's belly didn't really pop when she was pregnant with me until she was about 5 months along, and she didn't feel me move until almost that point either, so it's probably just genetics.  I need to relax and be grateful that I seem to have inherited good pregnancy genes. :-P

To the other mamas out there - when did you "pop"?  When did you feel that first real kick? 


  1. Yes, be grateful! I didn't show with the twins until I was about 5 months either. One day I just look super pregnant when I had not the day before. With my son I felt like I showed immediately, but it was more gradual growth.

    Love the photos with points of reference, you should keep doing them throughout the pregnancy.

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! You are too cute! I love your puppy too!

  3. Awww, congrats on the baby! And I love that your dog's name is Elvis!

  4. Oh man, I cant believe I missed this post! You look so cute and you can totally tell you are pregnant. I dont know anything about popping, but as long as your doctor says you are fine then just go with the flow :)

  5. yay! love these pics!

    only 12 more days (hopefully!) till you/we find out!

  6. Your belly is adorable! :) I remember that stage... I was so self conscious because I thought strangers would think I was just getting pudgy! Haha. It seemed to take forever for me to get very big, and then BOOM one day I was just gigantic!

  7. Congrats!

    And yes, with furniture, you really must move fast. Unless it's mass produced. In which case, wait until there's a sale ;)

  8., Elvis and the baby look so adorable! xoxo

  9. how adorable! i love the one of elvis reaching his paw out to hold your hand. perfect!
    xo TJ

  10. I "popped" at about three and a half months, I think, and it happened literally overnight. I didn't feel baby movement until 18 or 20 weeks, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. I read that it takes longer to feel movement with your first child than with subsequent children, so keep that in mind when comparing notes with friends.


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