Monday, January 21, 2013

Nursery Sneak Peek

This isn't the official office-to-nursery before and after post - partly because the nursery isn't *quite* done yet and partly because the battery for my actual camera died, so I had to take these pictures on my phone.  I really do need to do something about that first issue though, because today marks 38 weeks!!  Seriously, this baby could show up any day now.  Eek!

Since we're going to be cloth diapering, we needed a spot for wet bags.  I decided the best thing would be to hang them from a hook on the wall rather than using a diaper pail.  The room is small, and Elvis likes to root through garbage, so a solution that takes up less floor space while keeping those tempting dirty diapers out of our dog's reach was called for:

And of course, the hook has birds on it - have to keep with the theme we accidentally stumbled upon!  You can't really tell in the picture above, but the green wet bag has birds on it as well.  And of course we had to work paw prints in somewhere!  We also have a diaper cover in the same paw print material.

Here's a little glimpse of the changing table and dresser:

Yes, I left the picture of the baby that came with the picture frame.  I wanted to put an ultrasound picture in there, but they didn't fit since the ultrasounds are all landscape and the picture frame is portrait and I'm apparently too lazy to come up with a solution.  The baskets below the changing pad are full of cloth diapering supplies: pocket diapers on the left, prefolds in the middle, and prefold covers on the right. 

And of course, this kid already has a bunch of books:

Not pictured above: The piles of maternity clothes and (to Glen's amusement) a prominently displayed copy of Go the F**k to Sleep, both of which will find new homes after baby arrives. ;-)

Right now the crib is serving as storage space, but there's some pretty neat stuff in there, so I thought I'd share:

  • No story behind the activity gym, the crib was just a convenient place to put it for now.  Although if you look closely, the dog on the left makes me think of a blue version of Elvis.  
  • My mom made the bird pillows from extra curtain/crib skirt fabric.  Initially they'll be used to create a cozy little reading area next to the bookcase, and later as decorative pillows when we convert the crib to a toddler bed.  
  • The baby doll is about to get passed down to a third generation.  She belonged to my mom when she was a little girl, then she belonged to me, and now she'll be passed along to our firstborn. 
  • The pillow in the middle and the blanket on the right - this is really neat.  The pillow was embroidered by my mom when I was born, the blanket was embroidered by Glen's aunt.  They have the exact same animal characters on them.  I'm telling you, it was fate!!

Today I was out picking up some last-minute clothes to fill in the minimal gaps in Stormageddon's wardrobe, and came across this onesie:

I was so, SO tempted to get it, because it's amazing the amount of unsolicited advice expecting parents receive, and I imagine it only gets worse once the baby arrives.  I resisted the urge to buy the snarky onesie and went with the more practical options of newborn and 0-3 month sized leggings (one of two aforementioned wardrobe gaps) to be worn with onesies. 

And because no post would be complete at this point without a picture of Elvis snuggling with Stormageddon:

With any luck, I'll have a proper before-and-after post because Stormageddon's arrival, but I won't make promises, especially since that arrival could occur tomorrow or 3 weeks from now... There's a real possibility that in the before-and-after post, the baby doll pictured above will be replaced by a real baby.  Madness!


  1. How cute! One thing to warn you about... most dogs cannot resist the smell of a baby. In fact, they have found that to be the case with airport drug sniffing dogs! That's why criminals try to hide there stuff on babies. Elvis will be happy with the smell of the entire room once the baby arrives. Another good reason to go with cloth diapers over disposable is that you have a bigger problem if your dog eats the disposables....

    1. Hahaha... Very true about cloth vs. disposables! And I absolutely would not put it past him to try to eat a dirty diaper. I love him, but he can be pretty gross. ;-)

  2. The room looks beautiful and I love the photo of Elvis. He is so sweet and adorable! Have a cozy day. xoxo

  3. Oh your nursery is looking so pretty.That is so cool that your mom made those adorable pillows.

  4. It looks like you're making some progress on the nursery.
    On the bright side, birds are *really* popular in decor right now (and in general), so there's prolly lots to buy...


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