Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Behind on Belly Pictures

It seems I've switched from doing belly pictures on even weeks to doing them every other odd week. Hopefully I'll do a better job these last 5 (!!) weeks.

Week 31

Pineapple baby!

I think this was the week I officially started looking like I was smuggling a basketball under my shirt.

Elvis wants in on this pineapple action.

Week 35

This is what 24 pounds of belly looks like. ;-)

Yes, the nursery is still a mess.  Hopefully it will be finished this weekend!
And in case you were wondering, Elvis still totally loves snuggling with his little sister:

Stolen from the husband.
The amazing part is that she likes snuggling with him, too!  He'll put his face on my belly, and all the sudden my entire belly will shift toward him.  So excited that both my "babies" are such good friends already!


  1. The dog is too cute! It's nice that they're already getting to know each other :)

  2. Hey Stephanie, happy 2013! It was so delightful to see a comment from you on the blog, after my epic hiatus -- I appreciate it a bit!

    Many, warm congratulations to you and husband on expecting a baby girl -- how incredibly exciting! I love the idea of comparing your growing baby belly to various produce. That will make for a very fun album that you and your daughter can read together someday!

    Life has been a bit of a whirlwind for me -- lived in Pittsburgh for a year for work, which was wonderfully fun though busy as heck. Now I've moved again for my career to Minneapolis, where things are a bit more slow-paced (and cold as heck!). I'm doing a long-distance relationship with my wonderful boyfriend in Pittsburgh, and trying to explore yet another new city and foster new friendships!

    Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog again and following the adventures you have as you prepare for the birth of your daughter! It looks like 2013 will bring lots of wonderful things your way!

  3. Wow you look great and it is hard to believe that you just have five more weeks until your sweet baby will be here!! I hope that this New Year brings you an abundance of God's blessings!!


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