Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doggy Jail?

Shortly after buying our new car, we learned that Elvis can and will jump from the trunk to the back seat.  This wouldn't be *such* a big deal for the next couple of months if it wasn't for the fact that he sheds and slobbers all over the place, and no one can ride in the back of my car without being thoroughly disgusted and/or fur-covered.

We decided that since we'd need a pet barrier eventually anyway, why not get one sooner rather than later?  I wasn't sure what Elvis would think of his new spot in the car, but I was worried he'd think he was being put in doggy jail.  I decided it would be best to try out the pet barrier for a short drive from our house to the vet's office and back this past weekend.


He seemed a little bit confused by the barrier at first, but once he realized he was stuck back there, he went right back to his usual routine of making ridiculous noises while wagging his tail and licking the windows. 

And in case you were wondering, Elvis's annual check-up went wonderfully!

Pretty sure that last comment was because he immediately offered his paw to the veterinarian when she walked into the examine room.  He's such a charmer. ;-)


  1. It is amazing how we imagine things will bother them when they don't even realize it. Better to start now and do it slowly the way you did. I can see his white teeth in the picture too!

  2. Aww what a cutie! I need this for my dog. She slobbers and sheds like there is no tomorrow.

  3. Elvis is just adorable...and congrats on the baby girl. Elvis will be a good big brother! :)

  4. It's a good thing you did this anyway, since NJ wrote into the Animal Cruelty statutes that having your dog unrestrained the car can lead to a fine.

    I have a plastic barrier in between the front and back seats in my little Saturn. Molly isn't a big fan, but she's gotten used to sticking her head out from under the driver's side seatbelt so she can get the wind in her hair.

  5. Oliver always has to sit in my lap when he's in the car with us. Its so annoying but if I try and leave him in the back he whimpers and it breaks my heart so I little him come up. He has me tied around his finger :)

  6. Does he really? That is the sweetest thing:) I love when doga offer their paw just because. Have a great one.

  7. our dog is a crazy driver...he whines and is all over the place. we might need to get one of these!


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