Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crafting al fresco

The weather is gorgeous today, so I decided to move my office outdoors for the afternoon.

Finally took the time to make some more recycled jewelry.

The gold and peach cameo and the blue and gold beads came from pieces that were given to me by friends and coworkers who didn't want them anymore and thought I might be able to use them. Thanks, guys!

My weekend has been going great so far. Did a little gardening yesterday morning, then some of my friends from college came to visit. One of my friends brought her dog, Finn, and we took him and Elvis to the dog park. After that we went to The Bookstore, where we shared a bowl of Knickerbocker Punch, which was delicious, strong, and full of fresh raspberries. And I had the brie grilled cheese, which was kind of amazing.

Tomorrow we're going to a Memorial Day BBQ out in Bergenfield, then it's back to work on Tuesday.

I need more long weekends in my life. ;-)


  1. the necklace is so pretty! im loving chunky necklaces and cocktail rings at the moment - can certainly add so much to an outfit!

  2. OOooh, crafting outside sounds dreamy! I think all weekends should be at least 3 days long. :)

  3. so great that you were able to enjoy the long weekend! - i was stressed about not being able to get more work done - now I'm wishing I had adopted your positive outlook!


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