Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obligatory Flower Pictures

Spring is definitely springing here in my neck of the woods! I feel like everyone is posting flower pictures lately, so while this post is completely unoriginal in its content, I felt the need to be one of the cool kids and show off what's growing in my yard at the moment. ;-)

The weeping cherry is about to burst into bloom!

The lone hyacinth under the cherry tree.
Need to plant some more flowers under there. And pull up some weeds.

Wild strawberries by the pond!

Clematis by the back patio.
We have a total of 6 of these throughout the yard, all different varieties.
Can't wait for the flowers to bloom, but in the meantime the vines are growing like crazy.

On a non flower-related note, I had some of my best girlfriends from high school over for brunch this morning. French toast, eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt with granola, and many, many mimosas. Yummy. :-)

6 days til my next craft show!


  1. Gorgeous flowers...and awesome to be a librarian :)

  2. The spring is a little bit slow here in Sweden. We had lovely weather the whole weekend but today it was snowing again :-(

  3. Ooh, I'm totally jealz of your weeping cherry tree! I love flowering trees. It's been kind of neat seeing what has already been planted in the yard of our new house. Suddenly, plants are popping up everywhere (along with weeds, yeah..). So much fun!

  4. You got to love spring! :)


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