Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!!

The weather this weekend was so gorgeous!

My husband and I took some time to do some work on the outside of the house this weekend. Our back yard is still kind of a mess, since the previous owners HAD a vegetable garden but it was really overgrown, and much bigger than the garden we want to put in. So Glen cleared out that area and scatter some grass seed over it. At some point either this year or next we'll build a small vegetable garden over part of the area.

No, it's not just your imagination, part of the roof is falling off of our shed.

We also cleared out all the weeds that started growing under the weeping cherry out back. There are some legitimate flowers that grow under it, but it's hard to separate them from all the weeds, so we cleared it out altogether (with the exception of some of the wild strawberries) and will plant new stuff there. I'd like the just buy a seed mix and scatter it under there and make it a garden for cutting flowers to put in the house.

See Elvis' butt exiting the frame on the right-hand side of this picture?

I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the fish in our pond survived the winter. The pond was filled with leaves and I just of assumed the fish had all died, but I saw two of them swimming around as I walked past, so I took the net and started pulling leaves out. In the process, I managed to scoop up a little frog, which I promptly picked up and proudly carried over to Glen, because when it comes to creepy-crawlies I have the mentality of a 7-year-old boy. ;-)

Still so many leave to clean up around the pond!!

Also on the agenda: put down a stone path around the side of the house. Elvis runs laps around our house and there's a path that he wore down from around the front of the house around to the pond in the back. We want to put down flagstones along that path, because it will be easier than trying to maintain grass, and hopefully the stone will help to wear Elvis' nails down so we won't have to clip them as often. ;-)

Gratuitous puppy picture.

On some jewelry-related notes:
  • My next craft show will be on April 9 at Hanover Elementary school, 5:00-8:00pm.
  • The gym I go to, Go Figure, is now carrying my jewelry!
  • I'm currently running a promotion through Our City Lights - stop by Diana's blog to get a coupon code for my Etsy shop! (And also stop by her amazing Etsy shop!)

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