Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I can't believe it's already summer!!

After a very long, busy day that consisted of going to my day job, hitting the gym, watering the plants, doing dishes, dusting and vacuuming, I finally managed to fit in some time on the hammock with a book and a beer.

In case you were wondering, the book of the moment is Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner.

Not a bad way to celebrate the summer solstice, huh?


  1. you did a lot of stuff, you deserve a time for yourself :)

  2. Wow I can't imagine what it must feel like to finally lie on that hammock!! :)

    <3 Belly B

  3. That sounds fantastic. I really want to get a hammock this summer! Enjoy your beer, sweets and see you soon. Muah

    Ps: I’m hosting a great GIVEAWAY later today! I bet you’ll love it!


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