Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Photos: Part IV

Memorial Day weekend was an incredibly productive time in my gardens, both on my part and that of my plants!

The clematis burst in the flower bed in front of the dining room window burst into bloom:

There are lots of roses on the rose bush to the right of the aforementioned clematis:

My rozannes finally started flowering:

I finally weeded and mulched around the hydrangea:

And the two big feats of the weekend-

My mom and I weeded, laid down weed fabric, and mulched around the cherry tree in the back yard:

(Now Elvis has a new favorite place to hunt bees!)

And my wonderful husband installed our new pond pump:

(No more malaria breeding ground!)

I definitely lied last week when I said I'd have gloriosa daisies to show you. They aren't blooming yet, but I think they will be soon! (I just won't make any promises as to when this time, I learned my lesson the hard way.)

Tomorrow I'll be checking out the Innovative Beads Expo in Allentown... I'm looking forward to it, but I have a pretty specific list of items I'm looking for. Here's hoping I can stick to that list! ;-)


  1. What a lovely rose bush!
    You have a beautiful garden :) I really need to get back into caring for my yard more these days.

  2. Wow..Love all the flowers. They are blooming and looking stunning, darling. Happy Monday

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful skirt GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for summer picnics!

  3. Hi Stephanie

    I came to your blog after reading your comment in Daily Worth blog.

    I used to feel the same way and it is TRUE. I have shared my views on frugality. You are welcome to check it out.

    You have an interesting Profile and great to learn about your Small Business Venture. I wish you best of luck.


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