Thursday, March 11, 2010

Overwhelmed? Me? Nah!

My schedule this past week:

Saturday: Craft show, go to Glen's show at Diamonz.

Sunday: Pick up bridesmaid dress for a wedding I'm in, go to my cousin's baby shower, go to a friend's house to watch the Oscars.

Monday: Work at the courthouse for 8 hours, go to the gym, band rehearsal at night.

Tuesday: Work all day again, take a short nap, work on some jewelry stuff for the remainder of the evening.

Wednesday: Courthouse 8:15 - 4:15, debate going to the gym, decide against it, photograph some jewelry, see Glen's show at the Wardell.

Today: Work 8:45 - 2:45, take two hours off from my day job to photograph a whole bunch more jewelry, come to the library (where I am now) and work 5-9. Giving myself a little break and snuggling with the husband, the puppy and the critters and watching tv when I get home.

Tomorrow I'm working at the courthouse for a full day, finishing the dreaded taxes (just have to do my home office deduction stuff and I'm done!!), going to dinner with my mom and my fake aunt (my mom's friend), hopefully going to the gym, getting stuff ready for craft show #2 of the year.

(Speaking of which, that's at Northampton Community College from 9:00am -3:00pm this Saturday, March 13!)

So yeah, craft show Saturday, then going straight from the craft show down to Hamilton, NJ for a ladies' night with some dear friends from college.

Needless to say, I won't be accomplishing much on Sunday, but I feel like I'll have earned it.

Sorry for the lack of pictures today, but check my Etsy shop next week, there will be lots of photos to go with all of the new listings I'll be putting up! :-)

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  1. Busy busy busy!!! Sounds like some very fulfilling activities, though. :)

    Glad I could inspire you to get the rest of your books into your house (though it sounds like you haven't had time yet, ha!). I only have that one Childcraft book, but it's adorable!


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