Saturday, August 9, 2014

Farmers Market Haul

Well, I haven't made progress on the living room yet, but I had a darn good time at the farmers market this morning!

I really love the huge variety of produce that's available this time of year:

I spent about $30 and got a half pound of crimini mushrooms (in the paper bag on the left), a bag of green beans, a cantaloup, two tomatoes, a bell pepper, 7 plums, a half pint each of peppadews and blueberries, an eggplant, a zucchini, a yellow squash, a bag of potatoes, and a bag of carrots. 

I already used the mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash.  I roasted them and served them over pasta for dinner tonight.  The cantaloupe, pepper, plums, and blueberries (and some of the carrots) will be used as snacks throughout the week.  Tomorrow night I'll be making this vegetarian lentil "meat"loaf for dinner.  It will use some of the carrots, and I'll roast the potatoes and saute the green beans to serve along with it. 

The peppadews... those are getting stuffed with mozzarella and being served over bruschettini at a family reunion tomorrow, and I am so excited.  That's one of my favorite snacks, but I very rarely have it.

I just realized that I have absolutely no solid plans for the tomatoes, but I'm sure I can think of something.  Perhaps CLT sandwiches (like a BLT sandwich, but with fried provolone cheese instead of bacon, since we're a vegetarian household). 

Now that I've wasted nearly 1/2 hour writing this blog post instead of cleaning the living room, I suppose it's time to start working on the messy desk that is currently staring me in the face.  ;-)

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