Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hey Sandy

I can't decide whether the title for this blog post was painfully obvious, or if what it's referencing is a bit too obscure for it to be ubiquitous/cliche.  (Also, that's my second blog post title in a row that references Pete and Pete.  Seriously, my love for that show knows no bounds.)  But either way, Glen's use of #HeySandy on Twitter seems to have resulted in him gaining Mark Mulcahy (lead singer of Polaris and Miracle Legion!!) as follower.  So that's pretty awesome.

Anyway, by some miracle, we managed to survive the storm without so much as losing electricity.  The extent of the damage was a few branches in the yard and some shingles blowing off the roof of our already-falling-apart shed.  Our dog even handled the storm like a champ.  He spent most of it napping on the recliner, occasionally lifting his head to look around when a particularly strong gust of wind blew by.

In light of all the damage that occurred south and east of us, we are feeling incredibly grateful that all we have to deal with now is minimal driving in order to conserve gas, since the gas stations in our area are insane at the moment, and we'd likely waste as much gas as we'd be able to buy just by waiting in line.

Despite the fact that my area wasn't hit nearly as hard as the coast, there are still a lot of places without electricity.  My main employer has been closed since 2:00 on Monday and will be closed again tomorrow, so I've just been working at the library in the evenings.  Since I only live about a mile away, I've been able to cover additional shifts, which is a win-win for everyone.  The library has enough staff to stay open, and I get extra shifts, which means extra money, which is great since as I mentioned in Sunday's post, Glen needs a new car, and sooner rather than later.  (A venture that has been further complicated by the storm, since not a lot of dealerships are even open, and the one we were originally looking at was in one of the harder-hit areas of NJ.  We think we found one nearby though.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!)

And what have I been doing with my free days?  You'd think I'd be working on getting ready for my craft shows on November 10 and 17, or perhaps working on further converting my office into the baby's room, right?  But alas, I've been a lazy lump and have spent most of the past 3 days sitting on the couch and watching TV.  Tomorrow, I become productive again.  I'm putting it out here on my blog so I have no excuse to have yet another lazy day: I'm going to record my sales from last week's show and prep for my upcoming shows, move the rest of the things on my old desk to my new desk, and clear out my office closet to make room for baby things.  No excuses. ;-)


  1. happy to hear the storm didnt affect you guys too badly. We didnt lose power either (thank goodness). Hope you are able to get some things checked off your to do list today :)

  2. That is great that you didn't loose power.. we were without for three days.

  3. So glad to hear that you made it through Sandy all right! I have been awful about blogging and visiting other blogs lately - just came by to see your cute baby bump. :)

  4. Oh what a blessing that you didn't even lose electricity! Sounds like you are really getting ready to get into gear with lots of things going on. I hope the shows you will be going to will result in lots of sales for your gorgeous jewelery.


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