Friday, June 1, 2012

Pond Ponderings

Lately I've been thinking about the things I can to to further beautfy our pond area:

We don't have any lighting in that area, so while it's nice to hear the sound of the waterfall at night, we can't see it.  I found this gorgeous light on the Home Depot website, and I think I will pick a few of them up:

It got great reviews, and I think it would look wonderful around the pond! 

I debating getting some sort of underwater pond lighting, but since the pond is on the small side and the water lilies pretty much take over, I'm not sure it'd really be worth it.

I'm also planning to pick up some more goldfish, since it looks like only one made it through the winter.  He needs friends. ;-)

For the time being I'm sticking with the usual 29-cent feeder fish and hoping for the best, but how cool is this calico fantail goldfish?

Maybe next year, if I'm feeling confident in my ability to keep fish alive...

Last, but not least, I've been thinking about seating... After all, how can I fully enjoy my little pond paradise without a place to sit?

My mother-in-law told me about this bench she saw at Lowe's:

The design is adorable and it's small enough that it wouldn't overwhelm our not-very-big pond... but I'm not crazy about the color.  I'd hate to spend $98 on a bench just to spray paint it... So something tells me I'll be prowling thrift store and yard sales this summer. ;-)

I'm hoping to take care of the light and fish situation after work today, since tomorrow I'm seeing Newsies and eating dinner at Veselka with some friends from high school.  So excited!!  What are you plans for this weekend??


  1. Your pond looks great and I really like the lights you picked out. I think they will really look nice around your pond area!

  2. Your pond looks so pretty and I really like the lights you picked out. I know you will enjoy being able to see it at night!


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