Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kale Chips, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I've never really known what to do with kale.  I'd always see it at the farmers' market, but spinach has been my go-to leafy green for awhile now, I put it on everything.  I use it instead of lettuce when I make salads or sandwiches, I put it in enchiladas, in pasta, or just sautee it with some garlic. 

Then I saw this recipe a few weeks ago, and decided to give it a go:

I've made it 3 times since then.  So simple and tasty, and way healthier that potato chips! 

I've just been using kosher salt, since we didn't have any seasoned salt on hand, but I'm excited to experiment with other seasonings.

Have you ever made kale chips before?  Do you have any suggestions for alternate seasonings to try next time?


  1. I have been hearing a lot about these recently and have been really wanting to try them.

  2. I've heard of them but never tried them. I think I will stick with my potato chips :)

  3. I love kale chips as well. They are so delicious and totally healthy:) Have a great Friday, sweetie.

  4. I need to try them again! We made them once and I wasn't too into the taste, but I know kale is SUPER healthy. And the chips did taste better than preparing it any other way!

  5. Rachael Ray had a posting about kale chips in one of her fall issues. I tore it out and have been meaning to make them every since. Now that I know someone who's tried them (and lived to tell about it!) I will definitely pick up a bunch the next time it's on sale!


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