Friday, July 15, 2011

Pick My Hairstyle!

One of my best friends is getting married next week - yay!!!

And I'm in the bridal party! I get to wear this:

Gorgeous, right??

But the only guidance we have for our hair is that it has to be an updo of some sort. Right now my hair is on the shortish side (by my standards, at least - it's just below my shoulders). And it's got some layers in it, so anything that requires all hair to reach the nape of my neck is out.

I browsed around on The Knot and managed to narrow it down to 3 hairstyles that I think (hope!) my hais is long enough/thick enough to handle. Here they are:

Style #1:

Style #2:

Style #3

Which one do you think I should choose??


  1. I like #3! If pieces of your hair fall out, you can easily clip them back in without having to re-do your whole hairstyle.

    best of luck and show us some pics!

  2. I like style #1 (your Mom)

  3. Oh they are all so pretty but I especially like number 3. I think any of them would look nice with that gorgeous outfit you will be wearing!!


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