Monday, March 14, 2011

Pre-Flood Photos

Since my sophomore year of high school, crossing the Delaware river has been a frequent part of my routine. Since then I have eithered lived in NJ and gone to high school in PA, lived in PA and gone to college in NJ, or lived in NJ and worked in PA.

So I tend to take for granted the fact that I haven't yet been stranded in one state or the other, though I came darn close on Friday.

This is where the Lehigh River meets the Delaware. Normally there's a huge drop from the Lehigh to the Delaware (right around the middle of this picture), but the two rivers are at the same level, and the Lehigh was almost to the top of the banks by lunchtime.

Here's the view looking upstream at the Lehigh River. On the far bank, the water looked like it was only a few feet away from flooding Route 611.

While I was stuck at a red light on the way home, I took this picture of the bridge I cross every day. The water is normally nowhere near this close to the bridge! It was a weird experience driving across with the water so high.
The river apparently only crested at 4 feet above flood stage, so that worst that happened was that some roads were closed overnight, and right now I'm feeling incredibly grateful that the worst of my worries was whether I'd be stuck on the wrong side of the Delaware for an evening.


  1. Oh dear...quite scary!
    I've experienced a bad flood last year!
    Take care~

  2. That looks scary! Btw: how interesting that lilies are toxic. I didnt know that! Have a lovely day, darling

  3. Wow, that is crazy!



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