Sunday, August 1, 2010


When I find myself spending large chunks of my somewhat meager spare time editing jewelry photos I tend to leave the memory card plugged into the computer instead of putting it back in the camera where it belongs.

Which wouldn't be so bad, except that on really cool occasions like this:

...when I take my camera out to take a picture during the encore and only have room for one picture in my internal memory, what I get is this:

Not cool.

Oh well.

The show was amazing, that's what really matters. I don't consider myself a fan of bluegrass and originally got the tickets because Steve Martin is one of my husband's childhood heroes so I thought Glen would enjoy seeing him live. But all the musicians were super talented and I enjoyed listening... and of course Steve Martin was cracking jokes the whole way through. And "King Tut" was the encore.

Good music + laughter = an awesome night.

And by the way, this time I remembered to put the memory card back in my camera after putting them on my computer. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. I really adore Steve Martin's band. that's so awesome that you got to go to the concert, even if the pictures didn't turn out as you hoped (concert pictures are almost impossible to get to turn out well, in my experiences)!


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