Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Universal Language of Mankind

Music is the universal language of mankind. - Longfellow

My beloved piano has been moved into the house for more than 3 months now, and I've made pretty much no progress as far as beautifying the den. Right now it's storage space for our many instruments as well as any books that don't fit on the bookcase in the living room.

Note the damaged door. One of our pet degus got loose. Our dog chased him and proceeded to crash into (and nearly destroy) the door to the utility room, then dug up part of the carpet. Our pets are lucky they're cute!

As you can see, this room isn't very aesthetically pleasing. Which is a shame. I wanted the left side to be a nice little music area and the right side to serve as a library/reading nook, with some additional shelves and a cozy recliner. Instead there's a bunch of random stuff on the bookcase, a shot glass chess set on the floor and a roll-top desk that we can't seem to get rid of taking up unnecessary space (any takers???).

Today I saw the following post on Apartment Therapy:

Suddenly I feel inspired to whip the den into shape. :-)

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