Monday, November 12, 2012

Perfect Timing

I'm generally not the "I don't believe in coincidences" type, but the past couple of weeks is making me rethink that point of view.

About a two and a half weeks ago, we found out Glen's old car would need a new transmission.  Since Glen's old car was a '99 Kia Sephia worth less than the cost of a new transmission, we decided to search for a new-ish car.  The same week we were car-searching, Glen also applied for a job as an associate editor for

Well, a week and a half ago, we were able to find a car that looked like it would work for us - an '09 Chevy Aveo hatchback.  We'd have preferred a Honda Fit or a Nissan Versa, but unfortunately our search was restricted to dealerships that were actually open after the storm, which meant our pool of potential cars was a bit on the small side, made smaller by the fact that we wanted to keep the purchase price on the lower side since we now have two (ugh!) car loans.  Luckily, we got a really good interest rate on both loans, so the payments are manageable for us.

...Made more manageable by the fact that Glen got the job!!  Apparently he beat out hundreds of applicants for the position, and now Dan Abrams is his boss.  So, yanno, that's pretty cool.  And it turns out it's actually a good thing Glen's car decided to die when it did, because Glen will be commuting to New York a couple of times a week, and I don't think the Kia would have put up with the 130-mile round trip commute for very long. ;-)

Oh, and since this post is pretty light on photos, I thought I'd share this picture I just took of Elvis.  This is what I was contending with while attempting to type this post:

Made it a little difficult to type, but I can't be mad at the guy for being so obsessed with snuggling his baby sister already. ;-)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Glen!! That is such a blessing to have gotten the job with so many others wanting it as well. Elvis is just so adorable!

  2. many congrats to Glen! Thats fantastic news! That NY commute every few days sounds pretty brutal but at least he will have reliable transportation now.

  3. That is so cool. Huge congrats to Glen and what a fantastic news. Btw: Elvis is th cutest. That dog melts my heart:) Have a restful afternoon, lovely.


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