Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mood Lighting

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now (or if you know me in person), you probably know that one of the highlights of the summer for me is the Perseid meteor shower in August.

You might also remember that back in June I mentioned that I got some cool ideas from the garden tour I went on with my mom.

One of the ideas I got on the garden tour was to use mason jars to make lanterns to hang near the firepit. I decided to check out a local thrift store for mason jars, but no luck. I did find some cute little glass containers that would work just as well though! I rigged them up with wire and tealights and hung them from the cherry tree in our back yard:

This year, the Perseids peaked August 12-13, Friday into Saturday, so naturally I decided to take advantage of the timing and throw a party. I think the lanterns hanging from the tree near the fire pit created some nice mood lighting for the event:

It was a clear night, and despite the bright moon we managed to spot some meteors! Definitely a welcome change from the last two exceedingly cloudy years.

Also, there were s'mores. Lots and lots of s'mores. :-)


  1. What a party! S'mores are great, meteor showers are amazing, and you lanterns: PERFECT.

  2. I love the lanterns! I saw some similar ones at ikea and I've been wanting to steal the idea for quite some time.

  3. cute idea. I would love to try this idea out but the tree in my backyard is way too tall which blows cause everyone looks better under candlelight. PS while were on the subjct of shows that need to be brought back (ie Pete & Pete $ Salute Your Shorts), can we add a little Clarissa to that list!

  4. Well I have clearly been living under a rock..they brought back Clarissa?!? I dont think I get TeenNick but I will be checking out that site later tonight. Thanks for the link!

  5. I like the lanterns!
    I was able to watch the end of the meteor shower on Sunday night from a nearly empty campground in Northern California. Crazy amazing.


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