Monday, October 1, 2012

Elvis's Buddy

Sorry guys, no Maternity Monday post today!  Baby-related stuff has been fairly uneventful.  No appointments or progress on the office-to-nursery conversion.  Although I guess today's post is tangentially baby-related.

Not long after we found out we were having a girl, my parents bought some cute baby girl outfits and a toy that Elvis thought was his.  To be fair, it was a doll that rattled and had that stuff that makes a crinkly noise inside it, so can you really blame him?

My mom felt so awful about buying stuff for the baby and not for Elvis that the following week she stopped by and dropped off a big, soft, squeaky bunny. 

He is a big fan of Bunny.

Lounging with Bunny on his bed
A really, really big fan.

Thank goodness for Bunny's foot.  Elvis has never been a fan of the "modesty tail." ;-)


  1. I saw that second picture on Facebook the other day - too. cute! Elvis is so good with his toys, Molly would've ripped Bunny's head off in five minutes.

    I have a bag in the second bedroom with all my goodies for Stomy. I had to bury one of the toys at the bottom of the bag because Molly thinks it's for her.

  2. OMG that second picture is too cute! My Teddy-Badger would have eaten that toy up in minutes.....

  3. how cute! I've tried to get stuffed animals for Oliver but all he wants to do is tear them apart until there is stuffing all over the house. That is not cute

  4. Oh my goodness, he really loves that bunny. Aww..that photo is totally amazing. Btw: My Buffer has a little purple ball that he carries around everywhere. Its his favourite thing in the whole world:) Muah

  5. Oh my goodness this is just too cute!! He is adorable!


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