Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Living Room Decor

When we first moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago, we put sooo much effort into tearing down wallpaper and painting that I couldn't bring myself to put many nails in the walls.

Which is why until last week, these were the only things on the wall in the living room:

The posters are Casablanca and His Girl Friday, we've had them since we lived in the apartment.
So until recently, the wall where the fireplace is was empty, and the only way to tell what time it was from the living room was to crane our necks to see through the archway to the kitchen and squint while we attempted to read the clock on the stove.

That's the rat cage on the right. 
I really wish Nory and/or Sery were poking their little heads out when I took this!

But when a 50% off clock sale at Kohl's coincided with a 30% off coupon, I decided this one would be perfect above the mantel:

It's a really small change, but it's functional and helps to give at least a little more personality to the space. ;-)

Note that we have taken to protecting the couch from Elvis fur with a Spiderman blanket. 
Next on the shopping list: a blanket that somewhat matches the couch. :-P

 Tomorrow's my last day of work before a 4-day week, and I am SO ready for a break!  This year I'll be eating two Thanksgiving dinners - one at my parents' place and one at my in-laws' place.  Are you doing anything fun for Thanksgiving this year??


  1. Your living room is cute! The BF cringes whenever I want to put pictures on the wall.

    And I'm ready for this 4 day weekend!

  2. that clock looks perfect above the fireplace. is that a recliner? My husband is trying to get me to put one in our living room but I cant find any I like. That one is cute though. Have fun during your 4 day break!


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