Friday, October 14, 2011

Highs and Lows

Fortunately, this past week has had more highs than lows, but it started on a bit of a low note.  Namely a general lack of sales at the craft show, despite lots of compliments on my jewelry and lots of people taking my card.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  And who knows, maybe some of those folks will show up at my other craft shows later this season and decide they need to buy some Christmas gifts! ;-)  Seriously, though, I have found that the closer a show is to Christmas, the better my sales seem to be, so hopefully that will hold true again this year.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my display, although I feel like it would look better with more of the busts for necklaces. The necklaces look so much nicer that way, and it seems a bit sparse with only three.  I think I need to make it a point to pick up a couple more next week.

My big high note for the week was finding out today that I got accepted to that juried show I was talking about! 

Other good stuff from this week included lots of hours at the library (including 4 more tomorrow afternoon!), finding out my dog is going to be interviewed at the super cute blog Coffee with a Canine, and my decision to finally join the 21st century and get an iPhone. 

That last decision was prompted by the fact that with an iPhone I can accept credit card payments at shows using Square, which just takes a percentage of each sale, with no monthly fee.  Since my business is pretty seasonal, it just didn't seem worth it to pay montly fees when I only do shows maybe 4 or 5 months out of the year.  An added bonus is that going to get the phone this weekend will also give me a chance to finally take advantage of the discount my employer provides with AT&T. 

I'm off to work on some much-needed signage for my jewelry display (including one saying I accept credit cards!).  Tomorrow I'll be going to the farmers' market, working, and getting dressed up and going out for drinks with my husband.  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Sorry about not a lot of stuff selling this time. I'm sure as Christmas comes around that stuff will be flying off the table because your stuff is cute!

  2. Aw hang in there. Hard work and perseverance always wins out =) Your jewelry looks lovely =)

    - Sarah

  3. Oh I am so sorry about the craft show. Your jewelry is oh-so beautiful and I bet you will sell tons of stuff before Christmas, sweetie. Btw: I cant wait to read your dog's intreview..How exciting. Happy Monday, sunshine. xo


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