Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jewelry Display Sneak Peak

Today I mailed out two more applications for craft shows.  One of them is juried, it's only the second juried craft show I've applied for so far.  I'm nervous!!!

Anyway, the application for that show requested photos not just of individual pieces, but also of our display.

As you'll recall, I picked up some new pieces for my display recently, including new jewelry stands and a new mirror.  Also, last week my wonderful father-in-law built a couple of risers for me, which will work wonders in making my display more versatile.

But, this also means all the photos I have from previous shows are outdated.  So yesterday I set up a somewhat scaled-back version of the new display in my dining room and had a little photo session.

Check it out:

I love that I can work more vertical display elements in beause of the risers!

Extreme close-up of the new mirror!

This shot mostly shows off the color scheme of my dining room. 
And I just realized I need to straighten that picture.  Oops.

So, what do you think?  Any thoughts or suggestions?? 


  1. wow this really looks great. I love that you included a mirror (and a very pretty mirror at that). The dress jewelry stand is equally attrative. A+ job!

  2. Oh my goodness your display looks awesome!! You have done such an excellent job.

  3. all designs are damn beautiful.i think my lover will so happy,if she wear this jewelry.

  4. This looks nice, very professional.
    I'm always a fan of the more quirky displays, like, necklaces hanging from hooks inside vintage suitcases, etc. But then again, I might be into a different kind of jewelry...


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