Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden Photos: Part I

At the moment I'm attempting to simultaneously clean my house AND pack for tomorrow's jewelry show. One seems to be negating efforts at the other. I'll let you guess which is which. ;-)

And of course, in the process of packing I found a bunch of jewelry with old price tags, so now I have to put the new ones on, further delaying the packing.

But as promised, here are some photos from the gardens:

3 of our 7 clematis plants, climbing the fence around our patio. Also in this bed are gloriosa daisies and trailing vincas.

Blue flax! These guys are on either side of our front porch and they bloom almost all the way through the summer.

Teeny-tiny impatiens, also in the garden by the front porch. I've never had impatiens before... Here's hoping they live to see the summer!

Dianthus, also a first-time flower in the garden by the front porch, also in the teeny-tiny stage.

The beginnings of my herb garden - parsley, basil and dill. Today I made a grilled cheese sandwich with provolone cheese, fresh tomato slices, and a few basil leaves. So yummy!

Well, I'm off to finish packing, then hopefully indulge my introverted self in some down time so I can be well-rested and outgoing at tomorrow's show! If you live near Flemington, NJ, stop by my booth at the Elks Lodge on Rt. 31 between 9:00 and 2:00 and say hello! :-)


  1. How was the show? Your garden looks amazing, sweetie. I love all the flowers and herbs. Have a great Monday, Kisses

    P.S: I'm hosting an amazing Fischer's dress Giveaway Reloaded today! Don't miss it!

  2. Your gardens do look amazing! Love the beautiful flowers. I am a real herb person so I really especially liked the pictures of them!


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