Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Jewelry Project

One of my favorite things to do is custom jewelry orders, and a specific category of custom orders that kind of cropped up unsolicited is bridal party jewelry. I have a couple of sets to do for weddings this spring, and my plan for this weekend is to complete one of those sets.

I don't do a ton of wire wrapping, but the set of bracelets I'm working on requires it. It came our pretty nicely, I think, though:

One down, five more to go!

Also on the agenda:
  • This past week I reworked my inventory and sales spreadsheets, so now I need to tie those into my cash flow spreadsheet.
  • Finish putting together my new price tags and earring display cards. I'll share pictures of them when I'm done.
  • Re-organize raw materials inventory. Now that I'm planning to somewhat limit the styles of jewelry I make, I need to weed out the stuff that doesn't fit in anymore and find some use for it.
  • Clean my messy, messy (by my standards anyway) house!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Such a pretty bracelet...I really love your jewelry. You are doing such a beautiful job with those pieces. Enjoy your weekend,sweetie


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