Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I finally made a jewelry set from one of the old necklaces given to me! Hurray!

Originally it was just a bunch of these beads strung together, sort of like the bracelet at right. I think that style worked for the bracelet, but I didn't want the necklace to feel so heavy, so I broke it up with a chunky, textured chain and used a link from the chain on each earring. Once I get some better pictures and/or make additional "recycled" jewelry, I'll add it to my Etsy shop.

On a completely unrelated note, this past weekend I went to a fun little place with my husband, my friend Hannah, and her boyfriend Matt.

I've been to a couple of speakeasy-style bars, but so far The Bookstore is officially my favorite. The reason should be obvious.

It has more going for it than the whole fake-bookstore-as-a-disguise-for-all-the-no-longer-illegal drinking thing, though. The have live music, and the band playing that night was The Hot Sardines. So much fun!

That's Matt on the left. Pretty sure he has no idea I took that picture.
Another plus is that they don't let the place get overcrowded. At any given time, there are only as many people in the bar as there are seats. No sense of claustrophobia, and no fear of being trampled. Can't say that for a couple of other bars I won't name here but no longer frequent. ;-)

Mixed drinks are a bit on the expensive side for this geographic area ($11 each), but you can order punch bowls of certain drinks for $40 and get 5-7 drinks per punch bowl. So provided everyone can agree on the same drink, it's a decent deal.

That's me with Hannah, one of my very best friends/maid of honor in my wedding!

Another thing I enjoyed was that I could get all dressed up without feeling like it was inappropriate for the occasion. Of course that never stops Glen from dressing up! I don't have a picture of him from Friday night, but he wore pretty much the same thing the previous Saturday (and every day), so here's a picture from then instead.

Dress shirt with a vest and/or jacket and a tie and hat is his "uniform." Doesn't matter where we go or what we're doing, the boy pretty much always manages to out-dress me.

Well, it's past my bedtime. I should at least get ready for bed, but that 1-hour nap I took at 6:00 this evening kind of threw off my sleep schedule. Oops?

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  1. Such a great post! The photos are very nice and I adore your style:)
    Happy weekend:)


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